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IBSF Board: Capt. PVK Mohan (President), Maxime Cassis (Vice President), Barrie Jones (Board Member), Mohammed El-Kammah (General Secretary), Michael Alkhoury (Treasurer), Badr Alhammadi (Legal Committee Head), Mubarak Al Khayarin (Board Member)

Capt. Mohan made history for cue sports in India by being elected as the president of the International Billiards & Snooker Federation.

The BSFI president, now 56, is the first Indian and the third Asian to get that honor. Naturally, Mohan is all too excited and is impatient to get cracking.

“Yeah, it is a great honor not only for me but for the country that I was given that very important post. I want to do my best for cue sports in my two-year term. Before it ends, I hope to achieve many important things,” said Capt. Mohan in a chat.

“My priority is to spread the game in Africa and Oceania regions. Right now, Asia, Europe and America are doing well. But African nations lag behind. I would endeavor to uplift the game there and so too in Oceania. West Asia and Middle East Asia has shown tremendous interest and we must ensure that the game is kept going aggressively,” Capt.Mohan added.

“I want to have an Asian Tour from next year onwards on the lines of the European Tour. Top players from around the world will be coming to play. I also want to have a Masters League involving top players only for India. We are in talks with IMG for this,” he added.

“Another very important task for me is to bring cue sports back into the Asian Games and the Commonwealth Games. Of course, the next target will be the Olympics. I am hopeful of having cue sports in Indonesia in 2018. The hosts can have two disciplines of their choice. A delegation will go to Indonesia and explore that possibility,” Capt. Mohan said.

“There were many suggestions at the AGM. Russia wants a under-18 tournament. China wants a tournament with table which is 10 feet in length. Some made a proposal for cue sports with special tables for the handicapped.

Everything will be done to promote the game around the world,” Mohan submitted. “We have the professional tournament, the Indian Open coming up in Mumbai early next year. We have tied up with NDTV for coverage. I hope sponsors come forward to support us as it will be many times bigger than any IBSF tournament,” said Mohan.

“I must say that I have a huge responsibility and I hope to satisfy everyone with honest work. Exciting times are in store for cues sports,” Capt. Mohan added.